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How this new
journey started...

Like many others the global pandemic had me feeling very uncertain. My scheduled work, along with most other plans, got postponed or canceled leaving me with no clear path. Social media became flooded with fear and negativity as COVID 19 swept around the world. 


At the same time I saw another side. I watched communities coming together like never before, groups being formed on social media by heart-centred individuals uniting to help by doing things like picking up and delivering goods to those in quarantine


Inspired to bring more positive content to social media, as I do believe that art can heal and so I use my photography to help others whenever I can. I decided to create storytelling imagery around our frontline workers – healthcare professionals, those providing our essential services, and all other good Samaritans risking infection to take care of us. These are the people I am the proudest to point my lens toward.


This is how Humans of Support was born. These are the stories of the unsung heroes, the people we need whose jobs suddenly entailed a new test of bravery, and now everyone has the opportunity to see how much they contribute to making the world a better place.  

Fueled by the unified creative community, I am excited to see Humans of Support grow into something bigger. I look forward to watching it become it’s own entity, bringing with it smiles and hope.

Erich Saide

Meet Our
Inspired Team
United by passion for serving and
impacting our community
Erich Saide August 27-2019 square

Erich Saide - Founder, inspired Human, Photographer

Hey! Erich here, I am a Commercial, fitness & lifestyle, celebrity, and portrait photographer, based in Vancouver, Canada. If you would like to learn more about my career please head on over to 


I started Humans Of Support because it was aligned with my purpose to help others, and it just felt right to do! I love seeing people smile and helping raise others around me. Boosting the morale and lifting the spirits of all those involved. That's who I am and why I do what I do!

Charles Zuckermann.jpg

Charles Zuckermann - Photographer - Vancouver

Hi, I'm Charles. I’ve been working as a commercial portrait and lifestyle photographer in the beautiful two season city of Vancouver for 10 years now. I left my hometown of Montreal at the age of 21 to seek my fame and fortune as an actor, but after several career changes I discovered photography was really the life for me.

Humans of Support is an incredibly important project for spreading positivity during this global pandemic. I want to use my skills and experience to give what I can in these unprecedented times and highlight those who continue to keep us all safe. I truly believe that we are all stronger together and I feel very blessed to be a part of such a generous and dedicated team in Vancouver.

Zenna Wong.jpg

Zenna Wong - Photographer - Vancouver

Hi, my name is Zenna and I am a commercial product and still life photographer. I'm all about the technical details, behind the scenes production and organization. I love gathering data, creating spreadsheets, going through checklists and making things work. Being born and raised in Vancouver, I would consider myself a true Vancouverite through and through. This city is my home.


Together with Erich, Charles and Tracey, I have seen Humans of Support grow from a local project into an international movement in a matter of weeks. The outpouring of positive comments and love from the community to frontline workers has been so inspiring. I am very happy to be a part of this movement and feel so fortunate to call these generous, community-oriented collaborators my teammates!


Tracey Wade - Writer - Vancouver

Hi! I’m Tracey Wade.  I’m a former journalist and broadcaster now working with charities in events and fundraising.  I have a desire to tell stories, especially those you might not normally hear about. This COVID-19 crisis has many negatives for sure, but there are other tales to tell about people in our communities keeping us safe, moving, and fed.  These are the stories of invention and imagination with visionary humans making use of what they have and tackling their jobs and volunteer work with integrity and compassion.  This is why I am working on the Humans of Support initiative, to shine a light on these inspiring individuals.


Josh Neufeld - Photographer - Vancouver

Josh Neufeld is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Vancouver BC, and the founder of Grief Narratives, an online community platform built to provide a space for people to find comfort in the shared experience of grief and loss. An innate curiosity drives his work, and the need for connection grounds it. This leads him to spend intimate and explorative time with his subjects, together, creating impactful and evocative images. His hope is that through his work, people will develop a deeper understanding of themselves, each other and the world.


Carrera Caldwell

Carrera Caldwell is the lead designer for Humans of Support, based in Vancouver BC. From digital and interaction design (UX) to web development and, Carrera lives and breathes this industry. She is always looking for ways to give back from volunteering weekly at homeless shelters to her clothing initiative that supports Paralympic athletes called Type Two Fun, she is always working on something new and seeing what else she can take on to help make the world a better place. 


Giancarlo Pawelec - Photographer - Toronto

Giancarlo is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. He has always been involved in the arts from oil painting to graffiti and ultimately photography. His self-taught career spans two decades, having started with automotive editorials before moving into portrait, fashion, and commercial work. This photo-based initiative is not only about the feel-good moment, but also in creating do-good memories that celebrate front-line workers and helpful community members during this COVID-19 pandemic. I’m grateful to join this awesome team of creatives, support the Ontario region, and for the opportunity to capture moments that make an impact as an image-maker. Through collaboration and sharing the stories of heroes (without capes), we can all help spread the message of hope for all.


John Weight - Photographer - Toronto

John Weight creates images of people.

Along with equal doses of enthusiasm and fun - passion and creative vision; John brings masterful lighting to his work connecting the creative with the brand. He delivers determined images, setting you apart.


Steve Hawkins - Videographer - Vancouver

Steve Hawkins is a videographer and progressive storyteller. 

After earning an Associate of Arts degree in Applied Communications at Camosun College in Victoria, Steve has worked as a news videographer and editor in the television industry for the past 35 years. His photography has been published in numerous books and magazines.

He brings decades of professional media experience and advocacy to his work.  Steve focuses on some of the largest issues of our time; social inequality and environmental justice.


Barry Calhoun - Photographer/Social Media Co-ordinator - Vancouver

Hi, I am Barry. A commercial and architecture photographer based in Vancouver for the last 18 years. I handle the social media accounts and do additional portrait photography for Humans of Support. If you want to learn more about me, please check out

Over my career, I have tried to find ways to give back to causes I believe in and make a small difference in the world with my camera and photography work. My favourite aspect of photography is to collaborate with other creative professionals to create a combined vision. This is why I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing team of creative professionals here at Humans of Support and showcasing the incredible individuals on the front lines and making a difference for all of us during these challenging times.

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